The Work of Amanda Archimer Anderson

Who I Am

By day, I work hard with headphones full of Rush songs. By night, I play one mean Kobold gunslinger in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. My weekends are spent working through challenges by drawing, designing, budgeting, and planning. At the end of the day, I enjoy nothing more than having something to show for it all.

My husband and our cat, Waffles, often share in my personal endeavors. Our home is Waffles’ house. We just live there.

What I Do

Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications

As Web Development Manager, I worked to coordinate website projects and streamline the website development process in our office, introducing new tools to improve efficiency and communication internally. As the company has grown and its needs have changed, my role has changed to embrace my design roots with the company. As a Graphic Designer, I am able to use my illustration skills to bring visions to life.

Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club

As an Official Member of the club, I help bring smiles to kids and kids-at-heart with my custom Star Wars costume.

As the leader of the Art Team, I work to ensure that all merchandise and collateral materials for the club, its chapters, and its charity organization look as good as they can. This year, we look forward to establishing a full style guide with clear branding standards and bringing on additional team members to meet the club’s growing needs.

As a member of the PR Team, I use my character’s Facebook page to reach out to fans on the official Mandalorian Mercs Facebook page and encourage them to strive for official membership.

Levelbest Studios

As the Production Artist, I work closely with Creative Director Josh McGrath to help make his visions for our games a reality by creating game-ready graphics and working through creative challenges. We recently released our first game to the App Store, called Arpegion.


As the Art Chair of this yearly convention, I coordinate the sale of art vendor space, manage a six-person staff, and organize art related events. Careful planning beforehand and on-the-fly thinking at the convention ensure that everything goes smoothly!